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We all know CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, but the most important thing is to dig deep into its meaning and understand what it truly signifies. The most common thing that binds these three words, Corporate, Social & Responsibility is “People”. These words would stand nowhere if the presence of People in them is not valued.

Hence we can say that without the presence of People, CSR is meaningless and so at Yaduka Pariwar we value People the most and have designed all our CSR activities in a way which can improve the quality of their life , be it our employees and their families, our clients or our vendors.

We believe in humanity and the saying, that:

"Social obligation is much bigger than supporting worthy causes. It includes anything that impacts people and the quality of their lives"

– William Ford Jr. (Chairman, Ford Motor Co.)

Our initiatives

Our initiatives include contributions made to Lions Club Eye Hospital (Kakurganchi), Mahershi Mehi Charitable Trust (Agarpara), organizing an eye donation camp where Yaduka employees donated their eyes, maintaining and running Babulal Nandlal Bohra Chhatranivas (Kankurganchi).

With the help of Lion Club of Kankurgachia donated 700 blankets at Jagipur, Kachapara, Naihaity, Farakkha, Beldanga in this winter cold weather to all NGO’s