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Newsletter Launch 2013

Recognized by The Economic Times

One big feather in the cap of our group. Yaduka Group has been recognized by The Economic Times for their remarkable contribution in the growth of real estate business. Hearty congratulations to all who are associated with the Group in our stride to achieve the pinnacle whether our Yaduka Pariwar or customers and thanks to all for their selfless love and support. THANKS AGAIN.


Parkbox 401 increases the number of parking spaces even in tight areas at the height of 3.2 m. Dependent stack parking on two levels above each other without pit.


The Parklift 411 is a dependent stack parking of two cars above each other. Suitable for outdoor & Indoor installation.


Parklift 421 makes 3 on 1. On the surface of only one parking place, 3 cars are parked above each other without pit. A Perfect example of double stack parking systems as 200% increase in parking space.


The comfortable Parklift 440 with horizontal platforms. Accommodates the higher and larger vehicle versions as well as compact city cars with corresponding special system solutions. The double layer stack parking systems becomes independent systems.


A three level stack parking systems becomes independent. This systems needs a Pit to make it independent. Classic example for making stand alone systems independent.